Product Usage:

The finished material is mainly used as a foreign ring high-speed project for the local mixing station.

Case introduction:

After many inspections, the customer finally decided to use the complete equipment of Shibang Industrial Technology Group with a capacity of 400-500t/h.

Device Configuration:


The production line equipment is equipped with a vibration feeder F5X1645, a European version of hydraulic rupture PEW1100, a single cylinder hydraulic cone breaking HST250, a heavy-duty vibrating screen S5X2760-2, K series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaking mobile station KH300- 2 two.

Process flow:

The granite raw material is uniformly fed by the F5X1645 feeder, enters the European version of the hydraulic rupture PEW1100 for coarse breaking, and then enters the single-cylinder hydraulic cone to break the HST250 for two breaks. The second broken stone enters the S5X2760-2 for screening, and the return material enters. Two broken, less than 150mm finished material into HPT300 for three-stage crushing, more than 40mm into HPT300 and broken again, the finished product is 0-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm high quality aggregate, the equipment has been put into trial operation, the production line has a large output, The grain size is good and the customer is quite satisfied with this.

Equipment configuration advantages:


F5X1345 Vibrating Feeder
F5X1345 Vibrating Feeder
S5X2460-2 Vibrating Screen
HPT300 Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher
F5X1345 Vibrating Feeder