Which industries are counter-crushers used in?

The impact crusher is a new type of high-efficiency crushing equipment. It is characterized by small volume, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size and selective crushing. Very promising equipment.

The impact crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing and second crushing operations. It can be used to break the surface rock of open pit mines, mining ore and limestone. The following SBM Heavy Industry introduces the application of the impact crusher in various industries for the majority of customers, and hopes that users have a better understanding of the impact crusher.


Metal mines: Impact crushers are used in a variety of metal mines such as gold and copper mines, lead-zinc mines, etc.

Stone: The crushed stone industry is more suitable for counter-attacking. Especially the mobile crusher is more suitable for stone mining and processing. In the European countries such as the United Kingdom, it adopts the tire-car traction full-mobile crusher.

Cement industry: It is common for cement plants to use counter-crushers. This is where the impact crusher is the easiest to apply.

Non-metallic ore: The impact crusher is more suitable for the crushing of heavy clay ore, gypsum mine and other materials. This machine does not have the problem of blocking the feed port and the discharge port.

Municipal Engineering: The counter crusher is used in conjunction with construction waste treatment equipment. It can also be used to process urban waste and garbage for resource recycling. For various kinds of difficult materials such as glass and old tires, preliminary crushing can be carried out to expand the scope of application.

As a popular machinery in the crushing industry, the impact crusher plays an important role in all walks of life with its excellent performance.


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